Live Cam – Live City, Beach & Mountain Webcams in your fingertips. Travel around the world with live earth cam application in your fingers without leaving your home.

Live Cam is a web based application that helps you to view live video streaming from different sites on the internet. The live streaming service will let you view your webcam feed from many different sites, from local camcorders to web cams. If you are wondering what kind of sites will let you view live web cams, they include blogs, social networking sites, shopping sites, education sites and even news websites! In order to view live cam feed from any of these sites, just install the live cam software and start viewing your favorite sites right from your desktop!

Lot of features for your viewing pleasure in Live Cams

It comes with a user friendly interface and also offers some advanced features like filters, timings, time lapse etc. You can also upload your favorite videos from your phone to the Live Cam website and view them live. Many online users also get to watch their favorite videos from their desktops by using Live Cam. This application also allows you to view images from different cameras and displays them live on the screen.

For those who love to travel around, Live Cam makes it possible to view your camcorder feed on your desktop. You can easily click on the different camera to take a photo and then upload it to your desktop. This application also enables you to view images from any camcorder.

The Live Cam application also lets you browse different camera’s feed from all around the globe. It lets you watch camcorder feeds from the camcorder’s remote control. You can even browse videos, photos and other media files and view them on the screen. It also allows you to view different views of the same content. There are also other applications which allows you to view photos from the web, audio streaming, videos, podcasts and music videos.

Live Cam is one of the latest applications which allow you to watch live streaming videos from the internet. It helps you to view live feeds of your favorite channels and programs and also enables you to view the feed of your favorite television programs on your desktop.

Share photos and videos in Live Cam

Live Cam also enables you to easily share your videos and photos via the net and upload them to your own website. or other devices and other social networking sites.

Live Cam is the perfect solution for those who like to go out and travel and see the world. With this live streaming webcam software, you can watch your favorite channels live in the comfort of your home.

Live Cam also gives you a way to share the feed of your favorite TV programs with others. You can easily share the live feed of your favorite shows with your friends and family members via this application.

Video sharing is also possible through Live Cam. You can easily upload your video and photos and share them with your friends through the internet and other social networking sites.

Video sharing also enables you to view videos and photos from other devices. including laptops, iPods, PDAs, and digital cameras.

Video sharing is not limited to your desktop and mobile device

You can also share videos and photos with your friends via your laptop. Live Cam has other advantages as well. It also allows you to view different parts of the world on your computer screen. which you cannot do with Live Stream.

Live Cam can also allow you to see your kids play on the computer or your friends playing on their PSP. You can even view a soccer match live on your HDTV.

So if you wish to watch Live Cam on your computer and mobile device then you can get it here for free. You can use it for a few hours and enjoy watching your favorite channel live on your computer monitor.

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